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Coaches spend anywhere from 12-25 hours a week training their athletes how to be physically strong. When it comes to training the mind, either there doesn't seem like there is enough time or coaches don't know where to start. 

Get Psyched has designed a program that takes gymnasts and coaches through learning Mental Toughness Tools, Applying them during training and in competition, and Assessing and adjusting them when needed. 

The program includes:

  • Your own Personal Mental Coach Mentor
  • Activity Starter Kit
  • Lesson Plan Workbook
  • Access to Member's Area on Website
  • Unlimited Communication with Mental Coaches
  • Weekly Lesson Plans
  • Printable Worksheets
  • Activity Ideas
  • Discounts on Products
Workbook Topics and Themes: 
  • Empowering self-talk
  • Training to focus on how to hit
  • Understanding distractions and how they affect performance
  • Refocusing when the athlete is distracted¬†
  • Uncovering irrational thoughts that lead to choking or under performing during competition
  • Creating a training environment that focuses on the effort
  • Gaining Confidence
  • Learning to Trust
  • Creating Goals and using them to Create a Mission
  • Using Activities to make Mental Training a Regular Part of Training

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